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Winter Rides

Our Sunday morning Club Rides change for the winter to take into account the darker mornings and the change in pace required for safe riding when road conditions can be less than ideal.

2016 Winter rides commence on November 6th.

We have one start time at 8:30am and a range of 2 and 3 hour rides based on groups 3 & 4 (see main Club Ride page for group details).

All rides start from and finish at the Market Square.

 Time  Duration  Description
 8:30  2 hour  Average distance 30 miles or 15mph
   2 hour  Average distance 34 miles or 17mph
   3 hour  Average distance 45 miles or 15mph
   3 hour  Average distance 50 miles or 17mph

We are building up a 'library' of Winter rides that we will use - see here for more details

Monthly Cafe Ride
Additionally, on the last Sunday of the month, there will be a traditional cafe ride.  These will be longer and visit a cafe for a half way stop. Keep an eye out on the email distributions detailing these rides.

Bicycle Prep and mudguards
Winter presents some additional challenges to your equipment, so make sure your bike is ready to ride.  
Also, please have some consideration for your fellow riders and fit full-length mudguards with flaps to minimise spray.