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Carnival Tour Route Sportive -Update

posted 29 Jun 2014, 13:29 by Walden Velo
With seven days to go, we're all looking forwards to supporting the Carnival Weekend with our little Sportive on Sunday 6th July. 

Thanks largely to the overwhelming support from both our Club Members and the Saffron Walden Round Table, we shall be out "en masse" on the day, to get everyone signed on ready to go as quickly as possible with minimum fuss (hopefully!) before the Grand Depart.

Signing on for entrants on the day will be from 7am - 7.45am, before a call to order and entering the "riding pens" for a prompt 8am start. 

These pens will be set upon the likely time that entrants will expect to complete their 50(ish) miles, so that the start is easily controlled and we have little or no incidents of riders bumping into each other. They will be set as "2-3hours"; "3-4hours" and "4+ hours " - so it's best to work out how long that you think that it will take you to complete and that way won't have faster riders trying to get past you at the start or that you don't get frustrated with slower people in front of you.

And don't worry if you have entered yet, you might still get a chance!

A reserve entry list has been created, you simply email the Club at the following address and about three days beforehand you will receive an email stating whether you have a place or not. 

The email address is info.waldenvelo@gmail.com

See you soon! 

Events Team - Walden Velo