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In Case of Emergency (ICE)

posted 19 Mar 2016, 12:29 by Walden Velo   [ updated 20 Mar 2016, 06:45 ]
In Case of Emergency
One common theme that is often discussed amongst ride leaders is how we would cope with an emergency on one of our club rides.  With summer coming and the groups getting bigger it can be tricky for ride leaders to know everyone.  We therefore want to promote and ensure that when you come to a club ride you're carrying some readily accessible form of identification, including details on who to contact should you be involved in a serious accident, and information of any special medical requirements.

More commonly know as ICE, t
here are a number of solutions to make carrying this data easier and therefore less likely to be forgotten.

If you have a smart phone that you take on your rides, consider setting your main lock screen to display these details. That way someone can see without having to know the pin-code.  One iPhone app that makes this very easy is
Ride ID, Android options also exist.

There are a number of wrist bands that can be bought with ICE details embossed, see http://www.roadid.com/ for an example.
Or simply print out the details, laminate and leave in your saddle bag.  This site gives a useful template to use http://geticecard.com/
By taking these steps you're helping us to to help you should the worst ever happen.