Sunday club routes for the following few weeks

All rides start from the Market Square, unless otherwise stated.


DateTime Ride
Jan 268.30WR5 - North by NorthEast
Feb 28.30WR4 - Lumpy
Feb 98.30WR3 - Western Hills
Feb 168.30WR2 - South East Loop
Feb 238.30Cafe Ride
Mar 18.30WR5 - North by NorthEast
Mar 88.30WR4 - Lumpy
Mar 158.30WR3 - Western Hills
Mar 228.30WR2 - South East Loop
Mar 297.30Cafe Ride
Apr 57.30SR1 - Oanez
SR10 - Carita
Apr 127.30SR2 - Maelle
SR11 - Sanna
Apr 197.30SR3 - Sacre Jaune!
SR12 - Tuva
Apr 267.30Cafe Ride
May 37.30SR4 - Rozenn
SR13 - Milla