Sunday club routes for the following few weeks

All rides start from the Market Square, unless otherwise stated.


DateTime Ride
Sept 87.30SR13 - Milla
9.45SR14 - Elin
Sept 157.30 SR15 - Solfrid
9.45SR16 - Florin
Sept 227.30SR17 - Drogo
9.45SR18 - Saral
Sept 297.30SR1 - Oanez
9.45SR4 - Rozenn
Oct 67.30Cafe ride (long)
8.30Cafe ride (shorter)
End of Summer rides / start of Winter schedule


Oct 138.30WR5 - North by NorthEast
Oct 208.30WR4 - Lumpy
Oct 27
Clocks go back this weekend!
8.30WR2 - South East Loop
Nov 38.30WR3 - Western Hills
Nov 108.30Cafe ride
Nov 178.30WR5 - North by NorthEast
Nov 248.30WR4 - Lumpy