We don’t just ride on Sundays…

During the summer months we meet on Wednesday evenings at 6.45pm in the Market Square for a social ride, ending up at a local pub. Route details are emailed to members each week before the ride. We aim to offer a road ride and a gravel ride when the weather permits!

On Friday mornings (and Wednesday mornings during the winter months) a ride leaves the Market Square at 9.30am for about two hours. Speeds can vary depending on the mix of riders but the group will try to accommodate everyone who turns up as there is more emphasis on it being a relaxed, social group ride. 

We have a separate set of Midweek routes, to avoid the routes being too repetitive!

NameRoute Link
Midweek 1
Midweek 2
Midweek 3
Midweek 4
Midweek 5
Midweek 6
Midweek 7
Midweek 8
Midweek 9
Midweek 10
Midweek 11
Midweek 12
Midweek 13