Winter Library Update

With the winter season rapidly approaching, we have been updating and expanding the winter ride library. All routes have been updated, so you will need to update your bike computers with the latest versions! All routes are available in the ride library.

GPX files can be downloaded by following the links to either Garmin Connect or RideWithGPS, if you use either of these systems you can import the files directly to your account. Guidance links are provided below

Garmin Connect - Copy route to my device: Follow the link and click, 'Send to device'

RideWithGPS - Download GPX:

RideWithGPS - Copy route to my account:

If you find any issues with routes, please email Let us know which route is affected, including name, speed, and the affected link (e.g. Garmin). We recommend deleting any previous files on your devices as otherwise you may observe duplicates!