Weekly Roundup and Updated Rides Schedule

Thank you to everyone who took the time to provide feedback about the Sunday ride schedule for the summer period. We've now had chance to look through the responses to be able to respond.

We received a total of 30 responses to the form and two emails. 

  • 25 were in favour of providing a mixture of 2 and 3 hour rides
  • 3 asked for something different
  • and 2 respondents to keep the 2 hour groups.
  • A common theme was raised in the "other feedback" question around the mix of speed groups for the 2 hour groups, with concern that the loss of the 18mph group would leave riders in "no mans land".

Members also asked about café rides, and how we support riders who may have run the 16mph group previously which we are also going to address. To avoid this message being very long we will address these topics in the coming weeks.


As a result of the feedback, we will be offering a mixture of two and three hour ride distances. With the following groups. We'll also describe it in the square on Sunday.

Two hours (7:30am):

Three groups will run. Steady (16/17mph). Inters (18mph). And Tempo (19mph). On weeks where there aren't enough riders to run three groups, we will need to merge and drop the speed. When two groups merge it will become a no drop group.

Please work with us whilst things get settled!

Three hours (7:30am):

Two groups will run, as per the trial rides. Steady (16/17mph) and Tempo (18/19mph). If we find there is enough appetite we can expand this to include an intermediate speed.

Two hours (9:45): 

The 9:45 ride has always been a more "as it comes" ride and we encourage the group to set the pace to suit the riders on the day. We will continue to communicate the route number, and riders will work out the speed on the morning. This group is a no drop group.


Thanks to Ben T for organising the chain-gangs, your chance to work work together to keep the speed up. The meet point is at the Railway arms Tuesday evening at the new time of  7:00pm. Bring lights!


We've been discussing this in the "Races & Training" WhatsApp group; on Monday at 8am a group is getting together to run a century ride. We will be following this route: https://ridewithgps.com/routes/42689711

There will be a coffee stop at Hall Farm. This is around 85km/53mi into the route.

There is currently a group arranged to run "tempo" speed and we welcome anyone who wants to set up another group running at a different pace. If you want a go,  kick off the conversation in one of the WhatsApp chats and see who wants to join you!


As of this Wednesday (3rd May), the Wednesday night social rides are back! Keep an eye out for an email from Ed with the details.


We've summarised the types of groups we will run from this weekend, now it's time for the routes!

The 7:30 ride will follow SR10:   https://www.waldenvelo.com/sr10 

  • Steady group: Follow the 17mph route
  • Tempo group: Follow the 19mph route

The 9:45 group will follow SR11: https://www.waldenvelo.com/sr11 

3 hour tempo route: https://ridewithgps.com/routes/42708578 

3 hour steady route: https://ridewithgps.com/routes/42708694 


Wednesday (9:30):  Midweek 1: https://www.waldenvelo.com/mid-week-rides/


Friday (9:30):  Midweek 2: (https://www.waldenvelo.com/mid-week-rides/)

We look forward to seeing you out on the road!