Roundup Jan 27th

As I write this weeks roundup there's still a hint of twilight in the sky, the cold snap is starting to thaw, and mornings are just a little bit brighter. We're well over half-way through winter and we have lots to look forward to!


We know that some of you may have been out of the saddle for a while and may feel that, at the moment, a two hour ride is out of your reach. To give you something to look forward to we will be hosting shorter rides, specifically for those returning to (or new to) group riding.

These will be around one hour, depending on the group, and will be no drop, meeting in the Market Square at 9:30 on a Sunday - that should mean you can join the group at Bicicletta after the ride!

The second of these rides will this Sunday, following this route: 


As it's a bit warmer this week, we'll use last weekend's route again!

Sunday morning's rides will follow WR2 ( It looks like all routes head out of town via Debden road. There's a chance of ice on Sunday morning, so be aware of conditions on the road.


After the success of the summer evening social rides, we're keen to keep the social spirit going until the evening rides can re-start in April. To that end, the first Wednesday of each month we're hosting a social evening. This time we're at the Old English Gentleman, meeting any time after 19:30.

Hope to see you there!


Wednesday (9:30):  Midweek 8:


Friday (9:30):  Midweek 7 (


Club Link: 

Sunday morning at 9:00 lasting up to two hours, and Wednesday Evening at 19:30, lasting up to 90mins.

We look forward to seeing you out on the road! 

Road Ride Cancellation

As you may have seen, there is a weather warning for ice and freezing fog which covers the duration of Sunday's road rides. As a result, and in the interests of safety, we have taken the decision to cancel tomorrow's road ride.

We still have a couple of rides going ahead - Russ is leading an MTB ride in the local area, meeting in the market square and we'll have the virtual rides meeting at 9am on Zwift.

Thank you for your understanding, I appreciate it can be frustrating when the club ride is cancelled!