Walden Velo 10th Anniversary Ride

Next Sunday, 24th July, we'll be running a longer ride to Maldon on the Essex coast to celebrate the club's 10th anniversary. We'll have two routes, 120km, and 161km (100 miles to most of us), and will arrange groups on the day.

Groups will meet in the Market Square at the normal 7.30am, don't miss the start! We'll meet in Maldon for a stop to eat some ice cream and enjoy the views! We hope to see you all out on the day.

Rides this week:

It's getting rather hot over the weekend, remember to bring plenty to drink and keep hydrated. We don't have soigneurs at the road-side handing us bottles!

The first route on Sunday will be SR16, which takes in the Castle Camps/Ashdon loop. All routes head out of town via Thaxted road.

The second route follows SR17 which heads generally south, and east of town. We depart via Debden road.

Sunday (7:30):  SR16: https://www.waldenvelo.com/sr16/ 

Sunday (9:45):  SR17  https://www.waldenvelo.com/sr17/ 

Wednesday (18:45):  Social Ride. Route to follow.

Friday (9:30):  Midweek 11 (https://www.waldenvelo.com/mid-week-rides/)

We look forward to seeing you out on the road!

Rides Roundup

Barmy few days we've had! At least it looks like the temperatures are coming back down over the weekend.

Tour of Cambridgeshire

We'll done to everyone who took part last weekend. The two teams made performed well in the TTT. And well done to those of you who took part in the Gran fondo, it's not every day you can ride 100 miles on closed roads!

Club 10th Aniversary Ride

We're putting plans in action for a special anniversary ride on the 24th July. This will be a longer ride, with a good break for food just after the half-way point. We'll send more details soon, but save the date!

Rides this week:

If you're coming in to Saffron Walden from the East this weekend, bear in mind that Radwinter Road is currently closed due to a sinkhole!

As there's been limited attendance for the Wednesday morning rides for a few weeks now, we'll put them on hold until later in the year. 

Sunday (7:30):  SR8 https://www.waldenvelo.com/sr8/ 

Sunday (9:45):  SR9  https://www.waldenvelo.com/sr9/ 

Wednesday (18:45):  Social Ride. Route to follow.

Friday (9:30):  Midweek 7 (https://www.waldenvelo.com/mid-week-rides/)

We look forward to seeing you out on the road!