Rides 22nd April

We hope you've all been able to make the most of the sunny weather this week, the conditions have been great! With the nights getting later, we can start thinking about evening rides and activities.

This week, we're pleased to announce that the Wednesday evening social rides are back! Meet in the Market Square at 6.45pm for a fun, sociable ride at a relaxed pace. When it's all over, we'll head to the Railway Arms to carry on socialising.

The route will be: https://ridewithgps.com/routes/36503692

Remember your lights, it will be getting dark at the end!

The window to buy club kit is closing on Monday! If you haven't already, remember to try on some kit at Newdales and head to the online store to buy.

Sundays rides follow SR9 and SR10 respectively. SR9 heads out of town via Radwinter Road, and generally south east of town. It heads back in via Ashdon.

Sr10 heads out of town via Wendens Ambo, its a bit like the Sacre Jaune, but with more climbing!

Sunday (7:30): https://www.waldenvelo.com/sr9/

Sunday (9:45): https://www.waldenvelo.com/sr10/

Wednesday (9:30): Midweek 7 (https://www.waldenvelo.com/mid-week-rides/)

Friday (9:30): Midweek 19 (https://www.waldenvelo.com/mid-week-rides/)

Rides 25th March to 1st April

We've lots to tell you about this week, so we'll get straight into it


The days are getting longer and warmer, and on Saturday night the clocks change. For us that means that we're able to start the summer ride schedule! From this weekend (27th March), we will have two Sunday rides: 7:30am meeting in the Market Square, and 9:45am meeting outside Bicicletta.

For the 7:30am groups we will have our five speed groups: 16mph, 17mph, 18mph, 19mph, and 19+. To help with group dynamics and give everyone the best time possible, please try to hold the advertised speed for each group. You may find that after winter's base training miles you're able to ride faster than previous years, so why not try a faster group?

As the nights get further out we'll be able to re-start the summer social rides; a relaxed evening ride to enjoy the summer sun - Ed will fill you in when these re-start.


Our first summer ride of the schedule will be SR1. Remember that this starts at 7:30am, try to get there about five minutes before to hear any announcements and get into groups. The route itself heads out of town towards Ashdon, before turning south towards Gt Bardfield.

The 9:35 ride will follow SR2, with the group deciding on the distance ridden and group pace. The route heads north east of Saffron Walden, leaving town via Little Walden.

The Wednesday ride will be Midweek 3, heading south east of town via Debden road. Friday's ride is Midweek 4, which heads out towards the hills of Hertfordshire. Midweek rides normally end at the cafe, with a chance to catch up over coffee and (if you fancy it) cake.


Sunday (7:30):  https://www.waldenvelo.com/sr1/ 

Sunday (9:45): https://www.waldenvelo.com/sr2/ 

Wednesday: https://ridewithgps.com/routes/36974210 

Friday: https://ridewithgps.com/routes/36893208