Rides 12th – 19th November

It was great to see so many of you giving it your all at the Hill Climb last weekend, and then being out with the track taster session on Wednesday. We hope you enjoyed the events, we look forward to putting more on in the future. If you've got any ideas, let us know!

Don't forget about the Indoor training sessions on Tuesday evenings - Walden Tri have kindly invited us to join them at their training sessions, keep an eye out on Facebook for more details. We've shared the link to join the session if you're interested.

This week's Midweek rides will be "riders choice" again, so that you have a bit of variety. Get together and discuss your options, if you feel like it why not pick something the summer schedule? If you've got some suggestions, send an email to rides@waldenvelo.com - we'll do the rest.

Sunday will see us following WR4, nicknamed "Lumpy". This heads generally west out of town, towards Hertfordshire. The 3hr tempo gets close to Stevenage in the available time.

Routes this week

Sunday (8:30): WR4

Tuesday: (18:45): Indoor Session (See Facebook for details)

Wednesday (9:30): Rider's Choice

Friday (9:30): Rider's Choice