As we announced last week, this weekend is the first ride of the winter schedule. For us that means starting an hour later (8:30am), and running two speed options.

Speeds: With less favourable weather we tend to slow things down a bit. We'll be running "Steady" rides, nominally 15-16mph, and "Tempo" rides, nominally 17-18mph. Try to keep within the suggested speed ranges so that the groups can ride together safely.

Distances: For each speed option, there will be the option of either a 2 hour, or three hour ride. The winter gives us the opportunity to venture a bit further and get some base miles in.

All rides will meet in the Market Square a little before 8:30am where we'll share any news and get everyone in to groups.

Riding in winter poses some additional challenges, with more debris on the roads (leaves, mud, and gravel), and damper road surfaces meaning we have a bit less grip than we'd expect - give the rider in front a little more space, and take a bit more caution when cornering.

This also increases the chance of punctures, so remember your spares and pump!

Rear lights do help with visibility, but please make sure they're not on the brightest setting as this will blind the rider behind.

Routes this week

Sun (8:30): WR2

Wednesday (9:30): Wednesday Route

Friday (9:30): Friday Ride