Important Notice:

The RoundTable will be doing the yearly "Santa Sleigh Tour" on Sunday, and parking is restricted in the Market Square. Please park in the Common Car Park if you're driving. If the market square is closed we'll meet on Market Street, outside the Starbucks.

Cafe Ride:

This Sunday is the first cafe ride of the winter season, with the groups riding out to the Hot Numbers Roastery, near Fowlmere. The cafe rides are a great opportunity to socialise with other riders (and warm back up with a hot drink if you need it). The routes will take about two hours to get  to the cafe, if you can't ride but would like to join us there we should be there shortly after 10:30am.

Given the longer distances, and the overall times, we're only offering two routes this time out. Try to keep to the advertised speeds, you'll have to ride home after the cafe stop!

 Routes this week

Sunday (8:30):

Steady (15-16mph):

Tempo (17-18mph):  

Wednesday (9:30): Midweek 7

Friday (9:30): Midweek 8