Club Rides


We run Sunday morning club rides throughout the year with a different format in the Summer and Winter.

Summer rides
In the Summer we have two 2 hour rides that leave the Market Square at 7.30am and 9.45am, the details of which are below. If you've not ridden with us before and you want some guidance it's best that you contact Russ Powell at

At 7.30am we provide five different Groups which are based upon pace, average speed and a distance (allowing for different conditions throughout the year).

Group 1 is for the experienced Rider who can comfortably cover between 38-40 miles within our two hour ride, depending on conditions and the route chosen. You will be expected to be able to keep within the group, take your turn on the front and be experienced with riding in a Group.

Group 2 is for the experienced Rider who will be comfortable completing 36-38 miles within the two hour ride, again depending on the conditions and the route chosen. This a rider with an above average level of fitness, who may not be ready for Group 1 or is looking to build on their fitness before taking a turn with Group 1. You will, again be expected to take a turn on the front, to work within the Group.

Want to see what a group 2 ride looks like? Click here or see video below.

For more media see our YouTube Channel.

Group 3 is also for the experienced Rider who will be comfortable covering between 33-36 miles for two hours. You may not have ridden within a Group before, but we will help you learn these skills and help develop your own riding abilities. (suitable to an experienced sportive or /solo Rider looking to ride within a Group)

Group 4 is for the individual cyclist who will have a basic level of fitness able to ride comfortably for two hours covering around 32 miles. Typically, you will be looking to "move up" from Group 5 and advance your level of fitness.

Group 5 is for the individual cyclist who will have a basic level of fitness able to ride comfortably for two hours covering between 28-30 miles. Again, you may not have ridden within a group before or with several riders, but you will be given instruction on how to ride in a "peloton or groupetto" and must act accordingly. (Suitable to a rider wishing to learn to ride within a group and a basic level of fitness).

At 9.45 we offer three groups: 6, 7 & 8 based upon the standards outlined in Groups 2, 3 and 4 as detailed above. 

Please note that the speeds and distances given are for guidance and we aim to ride to the overall strength of each given ride on the day. 

So if the Group that you ride with on the day  rides either stronger or slower, then our Bike Leaders will adjust the pace accordingly.

Groups 5 & 8 are the only two that have a no-drop policy, so make sure you choose the right group!

Please also see our page on advice and club rules around our organised rides


Average speeds and distances

 Time  Group  Description
 7:30  1  Average distance 38 miles or 19mph
   2  Average distance 36 miles or 18mph
   3  Average distance 34 miles or 17mph
   4  Average distance 32 miles or 16mph
  5 Average distance 30 miles or 15mph
 9:45  6  Average distance 36 miles or 18mph
   7  Average distance 34 miles or 17mph
  8 Average distance 30 miles or 15mph

Winter rides
During the Winter months, we typically run fewer groups at lower speeds for either 2 or 3 hours, starting at 8.30am, again from the Market Square.
See the Winter Rides page for more details.

Cafe rides
Normally, on the last Sunday of the month we have a cafe ride. This is a more social affair, riding for a couple of hours and then stopping at a nice cafe or tea room to stuff ourselves with tea and cake before struggling home.

Mid-week Rides

On Wednesday and Friday mornings at 9:15 a ride leaves from the Market Square for about 2 hours. These usually follow a Sunday group 3/6 format, although there is more emphasis on it being relaxed.

Ladies Ride

As well as the usual group rides, we have an occasional ladies only ride, usually announced via social media or the forum. This rides to the pace of the group and is a social ride with a coffee and cake stop; The Blue Egg in Great Bardfield is a favourite. We usually average around 15mph and road bikes are a must. Its a great chance to catch up but equally enjoy a little team sprint on a few hills, get confident cycling as a group and enjoy riding without competitive boys! This ride welcomes any female cyclist over the age of 18 who can comfortably ride for around an hour.

Come and try us!

We welcome all new riders and suggest that you contact our secretary for advice before coming along to your first ride, just so that you can get more of a feel of how the groups ride and help you choose the right one from you.

If you enjoy the rides and want to come back regularly, then we would ask you to join the Club - membership information can be found on the Join Our Club link.

We're here to encourage you to get involved and join in our rides and we're also keen to train and encourage new Ride Leaders, so if you're interested then please let us know.


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