Well, the weather has certainly turned a bit more autumnal in the last week or so! As a quick reminder, this week (Sunday 22nd October) will be the last summer ride of 2023. The winter schedule starts then starts the week after, on Sunday 29th October. 

This sees us starting slightly later in the mornings, leaving the Market Square at 8:30am to account for the typically worse weather conditions and darker mornings. The rides will also run at a slower pace, accounting for the conditions - It's a good time for "base" training.

We will run four groups in total:

2 hour steadyAverage distance 32 miles at 15-16mph
2 hour tempoAverage distance 35 miles, at 17 - 18mph
3 hour steadyAverage distance 45 miles at 15 - 16mph
3 hour tempoAverage distance 50 miles at 17 - 18mph

We recommend that riders fit mudguards where possible, it reduces the cleaning and maintenance required and means that the rider behind you isn't getting sprayed as much! If you haven't already, check your tyres are still suitable for a winter of riding.


From the 31st October we'll be additionally running indoor training sessions on Zwift on Tuesday and Thursday evenings (starting at 7pm), using the "club workout" facility. 

 Here's the link to the club: 

More details will be available in the Zwift page.


This week we're following SR06; we've only got two rides  left in the summer schedule so make the most of it! The forecast for Sunday is looking quite a lot cooler than we're used to, so you might want to dig out some autumnal gear. There is information about how the schedule changes at the end of October later in this email.

Sundays rides start at 7:30am in the market square, try to arrive a few minutes early for any messages or information!

We run five groups in the summer:

Two hour "steady" (16 - 17mph average, no drops!):   

Two hour "inters" (18mph average):

Two hour "tempo" (19+mph):

Three hour steady (16 - 17mph average): 

Three hour tempo (19+mph):  

If you're a little light on numbers, the first stretch of each steady route and tempo route match!


We offer midweek morning rides throughout the year, and these will cover around 35 miles in a two hour ride. After the ride there's opportunity to chat at Bicicletta over a drink. The route this week is MW6. 


The route for Friday's ride will be MW1. 

We look forward to seeing you out on the road!