The winter schedule starts this weekend, on Sunday 29th October, and sees a couple of changes:

  • Sunday rides will start at 8:30am, with fewer groups, and a reduction in the pace of all groups.
  • We will offer weeknight training sessions, hosted in the Zwift club. These will run on Tuesdays and Thursdays, meeting at 7pm

Riding through winter:

With winter riding come some additional challenges to be aware of:

  • Greater puncture risk: With wetter conditions more thorns and stones are on the road surface. Make sure you've got something to repair a puncture and know what to do with it!
  • Less grip: in the colder months we'll have less grip due to the cold and wet. Make sure to scrub off a little more speed than usual. If you've got space, a slightly wider tyre will help with grip.
  • We recommend that riders fit mudguards where possible, it reduces the cleaning and maintenance required and means that the rider behind you isn't getting sprayed as much!
  • Lights do help improve our visibility for drivers, but if you're going to use them please don't use day-flash modes. These are distracting to other riders in the group.

Sunday Rides:

Sunday rides will start an hour later than in the summer, leaving the Market Square at 8:30am, to help us start rides in the light and to account for (typically) worse conditions on the road. We will run four groups in total:

2 hour steadyAverage distance 32 miles at 15-16mph
2 hour tempoAverage distance 35 miles, at 17 - 18mph
3 hour steadyAverage distance 45 miles at 15 - 16mph
3 hour tempoAverage distance 50 miles at 17 - 18mph



From the 31st October we'll be additionally running indoor training sessions on Zwift on Tuesday and Thursday evenings (starting at 7pm), using the "club workout" facility. We'll use Discord for chatter during the workout, the link to the Discord channel is in the Zwift link. Here's the link to the club: 

More details will be available in the Zwift page. If you're having trouble getting set up, or if you've not been allowed into the Zwift club, please send an email to



This week we're following WR02;, make sure you've got the most recent version of the route downloaded as there have been changes!



We offer midweek morning rides throughout the year, and these will cover around 35 miles in a two hour ride. After the ride there's opportunity to chat at Bicicletta over a drink. The route this week is MW9. 



The route for Friday's ride will be MW3. 

We look forward to seeing you out on the road!